This election cycle has gone on so long it is maddening. Most sane people have made up their minds long ago for their candidates and the only question really to ask is how will you vote if your person (with a weak nod to Hillary) doesn’t win this Tuesday.

Clinton "evolved" on Gay marriage in 2013.

Clinton “evolved” on Gay marriage in 2013.

Well really, it isn’t any of your fricken’ business. This is the political process We want our person to win and to hell with the others. We can all make adjustments later. So, no Hillary supporters you can not count your votes before they are won.


All this makes days like today Another Tuesday election day hard to stand. Important issues are at stake and waiting to know the results of how the future is going to turn out is stressful. Trump is most likely going to win NY. Bernie needs to lose by less than 10% most polls have him at only 2% behind which is within their margin of error. Sanders taking NY would change the entire course of the election and I hope that happens for all of my family and friends who live in the US and even those of us abroad. His course is new for the US, but, is tried and true in Europe where people get educations and healthcare and tend to lead happier healthier lives. Despite media blackout Sanders could do it.