George Takei is celebrating his birthday today. The beloved Star Trek actor and activist was born on April 20th 1940. When Takei was just 2 years old his family were forced to move to Japanese internment camps. At the end of WWII he returned with his family to Los Angeles.


In 1964 he was cast as Lt Sulu in Star Trek, a role that would define his carrier. He ran for several political seats but he was often challenged that his celebrity gave him unfair advantage and he stepped aside.


George Takei came out as Gay in 2005 in protest of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger’s veto of a California gay marriage bill. At that time he had already been with his partner Brad Altman for 18 years. The two were married in 2008.


Takei is active in many LBGT charities and causes. His Facebook page has over 9 million followers. Ironically, April 20th is also Adolf Hitler’s Birthday which should proves that there is nothing to Astrology. Takei is a compassionate and humanist loved by many and hated by very few. Oh My!