Trump will be the next POTUS. How did America sink so low? And who is to blame?


First and foremost are the Trump supporters themselves. Casting votes is, at the end of the day, how Trump becomes POTUS. Why are there so many of these types of people now, as opposed to a couple decades ago? Every Frankenstein’s Monster has it’s creator. Which leads us to our second guilty party…


For two decades the Republican Party’s center has migrated continuously to the Right. Their departure from a Moderate Traditional Conservative base to the Twilight Zone of Tea Party Nuttiness, Christian Zealousness and a Childlike Tantrums left a vacuum that was then partially claimed by the Moderate Neo-Liberals of the Democratic Party (e.g.Clinton).


Like rats behind the Piper the majority of the GOP’s constituents followed them into the Land of the Loonies. This is now Trump’s voter-base and there aren’t enough reasonably “sane” Republican voters left to stop him from winning the nomination.


The last guilt lies with the Hillary Supporters and the Liberal Corporate Media who hoodwinked them.  Ignoring candidate approval polls, the real threat of Bernie-or-Bust and the potentials of a FBI investigation are not their crimes.  They are guilty through their inexplicable refusal to accept the reality of simple deduction.


Every Republican will vote against Hillary. They hate her.  (26% of Americans)*
Not every Democrat will vote for Hillary. She does not inspire. (30%of Americans)*
Most Progressives won’t vote for Hillary. (7% of Americans)*
Most Independents won’t vote for Hillary, many will vote for Trump. (36% of Americans)*


So it is the ignorant, the insane and the deluded who are to blame. Which sums up a Trump Presidency quite nicely.


Smoke ’em if you got ’em!




*Numbers are from the Gallup Poll 2016