The FBI has designated significant resources into the investigation of Hillary Clinton’s private unauthorized use of a personal e-mail server.  147 agents were working at one time on the case. Now there are fewer than 50. They have their reputation riding on finding something that they can make stick.


Clinton says she did not use her private server to distribute classified information and that may be true. Here is the problem with that as a credible position. Although most e-mails are now public, 22 are deemed too sensitive to be released. What the difference between too sensitive to be released and classified is vague.


Obama has given himself an out by stating that while he doesn’t believe that she has jeopardized national security, nobody is above the law.


My apologies to Machine Gun Kelly

My apologies to Machine Gun Kelly

For a long time this e-mail scandal seemed like a fantasy Republican/FOX scandal. Now, having dragged on this long enshrouded in ambiguity and  cloak-&-dagger double-speak it is beginning to seem a bit more substantial than a “FOX-fact”.


There have recently been hints that if Obama seeks to flat out say Clinton did “no wrong” the FBI would leak the 22 e-mails to the press. A move that could end up having a strong impact on her Presidential Campaign. Sanders may not want to hear any more about Hillary’s e-mail, but this scandal threatens to burn her to the ground. If there is no closure soon the speculation will continue and any ultimate revelations will be all the more damning.


There are mutters in the media if Hillary’s run for the Presidency isn’t actually becoming a run for a Presidential (self) Pardon?


Without swift and thorough clarification this race could be the last of her political life.