While down in the bible belt the question of the day is where people who are different should pee, the real debate should be about Jesus’ sexuality and gender. According to Christian belief God was androgynous. God had no wife he simply created new life from himself. In the Bible God is cranky and vengeful he is all knowing but seems pissed off that things are not going as he had planned. Even flooding the earth to start over at one point.


Along came Jesus, and in the New Testament there is no mention of homosexuality or nor does it mention being transgender or being androgynous as being sinful. Was Jesus androgynous like his dad? What happened to the vengeful God of the old Testament? Was Jesus gay? Dick Cheney the most evil man around has a soft spot for gays because one of his children turned out gay. God is a loving forgiving god in the 2nd book so what caused God to go all soft?


What would you assume about a 37 year old man that was not married and hung out with a bunch of guys? With all this uncertainty we should clear this up because if Jesus comes back he is going to need a lawyer and will need to know where to pee.