Tonsurephobia is fear of hair cuts. Derived from Greek word ‘Tonsure’ meaning to cut this is a common fear of children and even adults. Nobody has ever suffered from this phobia more than Shrek the Sheep. Shrek lived out side the New Zealand town of Tarras on a sheep station (ranch). He had been castrated and was meant to be producing wool but, it seems he became a little shy around sheers and went into hiding for 6 years.


In 2004, they discovered Shrek hiding in caves at the station. Most sheep are shorn yearly but for Shrek it had been six years.  On April 28, 2004 he was shorn on national TV. His fleece weighed 27kg or 60 lbs. of wool. Enough wool to make 20 wool suits for Chris Christy. As a new Celebrity Shrek was able to meet with the Prime minister of New Zealand on his 10th birthday.

shrek shorn

His phobia remained and he went another 30 months before being shorn a second time on TV. Then sadly his fame began to wane and he was euthanized in 2011 on June 6th at aged 16. New Zealand has seen many a sheep come and go since those days, but, none have captured the hearts and spirits of its people the way that Shrek had done.