Let me make the case that Hillary Clinton is a Calvinist and she thinks we should be Hobbes.


Hillary as Calvin


John Calvin was a church reformer. While traditional Protestantism believed in choice and free will, Calvin thought that fate was preordained. God had chosen who would go to heaven and who would go to hell beforehand. As such it is a largely irrelevant what you do in life with god having predestined your fate.

Artwork by Bill Waterson

Artwork by Bill Waterson



Hillary is Calvin. She wants us to listen to her “policy du jour” and is happy to point out her “vast experience” justifies her righteous wisdom. She does not like when people question her past record on the issues. Ours is not to judge what is done or said in the past. In good Calvinist fashion this is irrelevant (she is predestined to be President) since they believed that their past actions had no effect on their destinies.




Calvinist’s can self-justify their actions as the incomprehensible wisdom of god free of irksome moral contradiction.



The People as Hobbes (or Hobbyists?)



Thomas Hobbes believed that leaders should reject self serving policies and rule in a way that would best serve their subjects. However, Hobbes also taught that citizens in return had a moral contract to respect even the questionable actions of their leaders.



Hobbes was a pacifist he hated violence and revolution. He believed that citizens needed to fall in line and obey while their leaders got on as best they could. Reject your moral compass and intuition and suck it up and obey.



Original artwork Bill Watterson

Original artwork Bill Watterson


Sounds a little like Hillary demanding that Sanders’ supporters fall in line? And then expressing Calvinistic/Hobbyist outrage when they do not. All the while oblivious to the fact that Ralph Waldo Emerson was the superior of both.



Calvin and Hobbes the cartoon was about these two. Calvin often up to no good with Hobbes reluctantly supporting him by his side.