What if I told you that I know how Donald Trump could beat Hillary Rodham Clinton. Not Sanders, just Clinton.

And not just win, DESTROY!

My plan is so undeniably cunning that even the most stalwart of Clinton-bots will shudder in fear when they hear it.


Counter-arguments need not apply


Like Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump is not well loved by his own party. If he wants to become the next President of the United States his pick of running-mate will be critical to his slight chances of success. Speculation has already begun in the media as to who this might be. There are whispers of Ben Carson, Chris Christie or any number of obvious choices.


But my choice would render the elections a waste of time. There wouldn’t even be any point in holding them. We could save the money to build that wall!




Megyn Kelly


Think about it, let it sink in…


Megyn Kelly


You know I’m right. You’re starting to see it…. It’s pure genius and 100% guaranteed. It’s game over.


I could start by ranting about how Trump is burying the hatchet with the establishment.


I could gab about her popularity and admiration among the Republicans.


I could point out that she is a woman (and a hot one!) Which may sound sexist but is a valid point here.


I could focus on her professional accomplishments and obvious intelligence. (see, not sexist too!)


I could demonstrate the feel-good aspect of two enemies finding friendship and camaraderie…


I could go on and on. But why?  If Megyn Kelly is Trump’s running-mate everybody in the DNC might as well go eat Hoaggies…