Back in 1865 the British were beginning to seize the land of New Zealand. The British had signed a treaty with the native Māori about how to the seizing in a peaceful way, but the British were not honoring the treaty. The Māori began a series of small attacks on the British troops and wrote a letter taunting them to face off at Gate Pa.

The British showed up with 2000 men and heavy artillery. The Māori had only 230.

Gate Pa was a big ridge with a small opening to the sea. The setting was very advantageous for the Māori and the British knew this and sent a regiment of 700 men to cut off the Māori from behind. The ridge and ditches provided good defense from the heavy artillery, but the Māori had other tricks up their sleeve as well. many of the Māori sat waiting in tunnels dug under the battle ground. As the British advanced the Māori emerged from the tunnels surprising the British and handing the Māori a victory.

When the British retreated the Māori gave aid to the wounded British in a sign of good faith and a bond of respect was formed between the two forces.