Month: May 2016

Me the People

As the American dream is fading in the US one last bastion of entitlement remains making sure that those less fortunate than you remain so. In the old days in the US folks would sometimes vote against their interests because they believed their fortunes would change. That they would win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes or their garage tinkering would lead to fortune. Today all there is left is to belittle others. In other industrialized countries people on welfare are given money into their bank accounts each month. In the US the Snap card alerts those standing in line behind you that...

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Is Trump really dumb or really smart?

Trumpie Wumpie, Puddin’ and Pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry, When the Bern came out to play, Trumpie Wumpie ran away. As we all now know Trump recently chickened out on a debate with Bernie Sanders. First demanding $10 million and then backing out when that was put up by a technology investment company. Leaving some (yet unnamed) woman’s charity group $10 million poorer. But was it just cowardice? All but Trump’s stupidest supporters realize that Trump is a bully. And most bullies are cowards. Strategically this was a grand opportunity to appeal to Independents and the...

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Gang members paid to stop killing

Making a living today is harder than climbing Mt. Everest with a piano stapled to your balls but life is getting easier for some. In Richmond California gang members who are known killers but have escaped the criminal system are now allowed to receive up to $1,300 a month for not killing anybody. The program is incentive based so most gang members are only making around $750 a month for partially laying off the gangbanging. The program works with people called mentors, ex-cons who know the what’s what of the street. They keep a score card for the gang members and...

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POTUS by Baseball

Picking the right President is a crap shoot. Odds are you don’t truly understand the issues, really know the candidates, or even have a clue as to what the President’s actually does.   People do better judging things within their intellectual comfort-zone. And in the average American’s intellectual comfort-zone is Baseball.   Hillary Hillary Clinton has stated that one of her childhood goals was to become a baseball player. She did no sports in high school, however, choosing Drama and to Debate Club for the Young Republicans. So that baseball dream died early.   In typical flip-flop fashion she...

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Those Wunderbar Nazi’s

If you even slightly paid attention in history class then you will have learned that the Nazi’s were bad people. What you probably do not know is that Nazi Germany under the Third Reich did a whole bunch of really good things. It’s true. It doesn’t excuse the bad stuff, but the Nazi’s were way ahead of the rest of the world in a lot of things. Here’s just 3 of them…     The Nazi’s loved the environment In 1935 the Nazi’s created the worlds first environmental protection laws. Multiple parks and lands were declared protected due to...

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Baseball 1 Legged Men vs. 1 Armed Men

Back in the early days of baseball before games were broadcast people just couldn’t get enough of the sport. Novelty games were devised as a way to keep people in the stadiums while their team was on away games. Fat Men vs. Skinny Men, Chinese Men vs. Black Men, Clowns vs. Women etc. (also before politically correctness came into being) In 1883 one of these type of games was organized in Philly. A team of one armed men called the Snorkys and a team of one legged men called the Hoppers (using crutches, peg legs, or artificial legs) were to face off...

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How close we came to BOOM * Game Over

BOOM * In 1983 tensions were at an all time high with the USSR. Regan wanted to negotiate from a position of power so he allocated an extra trillion dollars to be spent on nuclear arms. Russia thought that the US wanted to attack so they invested in shorter range mobile Nukes which were then aimed at all the European countries (also America’s allies) and also (this is important) a early detection satellite system which would tell them when the US had launched an attack. Regan thought perhaps we can continue to piss off the Soviets and also infringe on...

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The Übermenschen Murder

Leopold and Loeb grew up together but it wasn’t until the studied together at the University of Chicago that they became very close. They loved true crime stories and philosophy. Both boys were wealthy and highly intelligent but their attitudes and laziness displeased some of their professors. They then discovered Nietzsche and his philosophy of Übermenschen or Supermen. They began to believe that men of superior intellect should not be held to the same laws that apply to general society. They began to commit petty crimes of theft and vandalism. Following these crimes they decided that they should use their superior intellect to commit the...

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Hillary’s Pretzel Logic

Hillary Clinton is insisting that Bernie and his rebel scum stop teasing her and get in line. Her reason for this is that if Bernie doesn’t bow to the Queen then the rule of Unfit King Trump will herald in an era of suffering and pestilence!   She insists that it would be in the best interest of the Democratic Party if Bernie would concede. By not doing so he is defying logic and only increasing the chances of a Trump Presidency. Hillary must not listen to her own words?   The most assured way of preventing a Trump...

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The 1968 Democratic Convention

Every war is not Nam and every populous candidate is not Nader. The 1968 democratic convention holds richer parallels to the election today. Let’s take a look. In 1968 MLK and the popular Bobby Kennedy had been shot. The people wanted an anti-war candidate and since Kennedy had been shot the choice was clearly Eugene McCarthy. Late in the game, then VP Hubert Humphrey jumped in as a party insider. Without campaigning in primaries, the DNC awarded Humphrey delegates from the caucuses and decided not to reassign Kennedy’s delegates giving Humphrey the nomination over McCarthy. Despite 80% of the popular vote being for Kennedy and...

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The Dark Secret of a Clinton Troll

Sanders supporters must deal with a lot of  Clinton trolls and the problem is getting worse. A couple of  days ago I was reading a friends Facebook post when I spotted a troll bulling a Sanders supporter over Sanders stance on gay marriage (being the same as Clinton’s).  I corrected the lie (Sanders called gay rights a civil rights issue way back in 1983 while Clinton came out for gay marriage in 2013). This the troll to become unhinged and he went into a long rant. Both myself and the person being bullied in the first place offered the guy...

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Who is the Jedi? Who is the Sith?

Back in the 80’s and 90’s when the personal computer era hit the scene there was the concept that it was Microsoft vs Apple. In many ways both companies have cultivated rumors of this “Cola War Competition”. At the end of the day, it is good marketing for both companies to be perceived by the consumer as the Coca Cola and Pepsi of their industry.     The reality is that while the relationship was always competitive and complicated, the two companies are better friends than most would suspect. During the development of the Macintosh Microsoft was an important...

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