The is a true story about something that happened to me recently. While the story is true the message is allegorical.


I am a member of a shooting club. Officially it is one club, but really it is two clubs. The club is open twice a week, Sunday afternoon and Tuesday Evening. The Sunday afternoon crowd is an older crowd. Mostly elderly men who gather there to chat, drink coffee, and socialize. The Tuesday evening crowd consists of middle aged and younger men (and a few women) who gather after work to blow off steam.


This month, at the yearly club meeting, there was a motion to install a beer tap in the club Cantina. The members, already polarized, were divided on the motion. The Sunday crowd argued that it was a needless cost that offered them nothing. The Tuesday group argued that it would increase club profit and attract more members.


Now I am am a Tuesday man. So you can understand the attacks that I received from my fellow Tuesday-ers when I refused to vote “YES” for the beer tap. Although I agreed that a beer tap would likely attract more members and increase club profits, I don’t believe that it is the right choice for a shooting club.


I like shooting and alcohol. I just don’t think that they make a good team.


Me with gun

Alcohol and firearms don’t mix kids! Unless you’re a Bureau that smokes. (hint: it’s not the FBI)


This is my moral standpoint although it hasn’t always been. I used to like to shooting drunk when I was younger. Not anymore. I got too smart. To vote “YES” for the beer tap would have compromised my morals, and assumed partial responsibility for any consequences.


The club may very well lose members and profit. The club may not a happier place, but I can sleep at night with a clear conscience.


Me and another shotty.

If I can’t use this gun then, to be honest, I don’t feel like going shooting today.

By the way, the beer tap motion lost. (The pundits never saw that coming!) The Tuesday-ers are blaming me instead of blaming themselves for supporting a bad idea in the first place.