A Word151 exclusive original study has turn up “surprising” results as to what type of people drive what type of cars. We interviewed 25 Professionals (Truck Drivers, Taxi Drivers and Traffic Police) to find out if you CAN “judge a book by it’s cover.”


Each participant had 10 good and 10 bad points that they could freely assign to any automobile/driver type.


* Note – This was a European Study so it’s relevance to the relationship between car and owner in America may not be relevant to your new car purchase. Unless you plan on driving to Europe…


The 5 Worst and Best Human Beings by Car type


*and some quotes that went with the scores!


The Worst

  1. 103 pts BMW – With a whopping 103 votes BMW owners are the absolute scum of humanity. “Don’t buy one, just kill yourself instead to improve the Universe!”
  2. 66 pts Audi“Nice enough cars but apparently they attract the wrong crowd!”  The “F-faces” of the World according to those surveyed.
  3. 33 pts Volkswagen – In all fairness all 33 of these pts were awarded exclusively to the VW Golf. So blaming all of VW for providing lowlife with mobility seems almost unfair. “Contents are guaranteed to be rotten!”
  4. 19 pts Skoda“Not sure if car exclusively attracts bad people or just poor drivers?”
  5. 16 pts Mini Cooper“Sweet classy little car driven by sour class-less little c*nts!”



The Best


  1. 86 pts Volvo –  86 pts says cool and relaxed, in a quiet way. “Volvo drivers must be either very polite or very high?!”
  2. 46 pts Jaguar“If your classy enough to drive a Jag you’ve already made it, and you know it. And it shows in aces!”
  3. 45 pts SAAB“I guess it’s like a Volvo for people who wear socks under their sandals?”
  4. 35 pts Mercedes Benz“Never gonna be a Jag Man but Merc drivers seem to be okay with this fact!”  Unlike Audi drivers.
  5. 27 pts Volkswagen –  Bonus Kudos to VW for getting into the top and bottom 5!