Forget about Confederate flags or openly racist people playing victim, there is a new asshole in town and it is called Rollin’ Coal. What is this? It is modifying your vehicle to omit the maximum about of Carbon or black smoke into the environment.


The idea if it qualifies as an idea is to purposely pollute to protest against environmentalists. Why they cant practice this new form of protest in the privacy of their own garages is beyond me. Instead, they roam the streets and with the benefit of on/off toggle switch blast pedestrians or environmentally friendly cars like Priuses.


Some states have tried to crack down on this new trend but law enforcement is crippled by preexisting laws and Tea-Party republicans are stomping out new regulation that comes to a vote. In Colorado, for example, a police officer must witness the exhaust for a period of over 5 seconds before they are authorized to write a ticket.

diesel is filled with these people seeking affirmation for their stupidity. When one wonders about the state of the American intellect, one must not wonder only about the manifestation of a republican leader like Donald Trump but one must also take a hard look at people who think this kind of behavior in expectable or normal in any degree. America will get the president it deserves next November. I hope it is not the one who I predict as winning.