The Timeline:

Back in 1960 Hillary Clinton hit the pavement to campaign for Richard Nixon during his failed presidential campaign against democratic demigod JFK. Four years later She campaigned for Goldwater she was a proud Goldwater Girl out to resegregate America.


In 1968 she switched sides and became a democrat. In 1968 it was a hard time to be a conservative on a liberal campus and Hillary showed that she didn’t mind putting her convictions behind and heading where the wind blew her. Dylan had said after all that that is where “the answer” was.


In 1975 Hillary gave into Bill’s multiple proposals after she failed to pass the DC bar exam. While First lady of Arkansas she clerked part-time at a law firm to build up her resume. In 1992 she helped win Bill the presidency but not without making comments about stay at home mothers being lazy.


In 2000 she became senator of NY despite having never lived in the state. She faced no serious competition in her senate runs but still built up a strong reputation of being a hawkish politician. She voted yes for military action when ever she had the chance, voted for the P.A.T.R.I.O.T act, and extended deregulation of banks and crime bills which helped to imprison 20% of the African American population.


In 2008 She faced Obama as a democratic rival. She lost that race but took the Secretary of state position no doubt with the promise that in 2016 she would be ordained to her place in history.