The Northern Europeans have a high standard of living, are generally well educated and enjoy a generous amount of free time. They also have a declining birthrate which comes to less than 2 children per couple.


While immigration is helping to reduce some of the negative economic effects of this “greying” of Northern Europe most socioeconomic studies point to a big trouble in the coming years.


no no babies

no no babies


And the future is not looking good. Enter the growing trend called co-parenting. Originally a title for divorced parents that shared custody and costs of the offspring of their failed marriage, this form of parenting is slowly gaining in popularity as a “mode de vie” among the economic and socially advantaged classes of Northern Europe.


To put it simply:


A man and woman have a baby (babies) together. That is pretty much where their relationship ends. Custody and upbringing of the resulting offspring are then shared between the Mother and Father. The Mother and Father live separate lives (with or without another partner) and their guardian status is recognized and legally protected by law.


The social and recreational advantages are immediately apparent.


One week of parenting is then followed by a week of “child-free” lifestyle. Anyone who has ever been a parent will recognize the social and mental health advantages that this would offer.


Sure Co-parenting has it’s emotional drawbacks. But it’s hard to miss the “nippers” when you’re sitting on the French Riviera sipping another Mimosa with your life-partner/friend/lover/alone/dark handsome stranger on a half-price-off-season holiday.


Sound good? Immoral? Reserve any Puritanical judgement for that day when the kids are really riding your last nerves extra hard, the laundry is backing up and your partner is off somewhere golfing.




Dang I miss little Bobby and what's her name?!

Dang I miss little Bobby and what’s her name?!