I totally understand that democrats don’t want Trump to be president. The goal is to take back the Senate and get a liberal in SCOTUS so that we can overturn Citizen’s United ,right?. But, hey wait why Hillary again??
If you look at the polls Hillary wins but only by a small amount percentage. A percentage within the margin of error. Even if you think all the scandals that haunt her are republican conspiracies they still could cost her the election. Many people just wont vote for Hillary. We want to beat Trump right?
Here are a list of things that could end the Clinton campaign in its tracks:
1. The FBI investigation into her e-mails, no she’s not been cleared yet.
2. Benghazi,  I’m sick of this one too but she’ll testify on Oct 22  just a month before the election.
3. Foggy Bottom, conflicts of interest.  Government favors and the Clinton Foundation. Messy business which almost certainly is illegal.
4. Her paid speeches, Shell companies set up to hide income, transcripts of speeches still not made public, this scandal will only grow.
5. All that income and favors given to donors of the Clinton Foundation. This scandal will not go away either and is a target for Trump.
6. Also there are all these old scandals that linger on, Whitewater. Paula Jones. Monica Lewinsky. Troopergate. Vince Foster. Broaddrick
Go ahead and pick a Democratic candidate that has more skeletons both real and metaphorical, just don’t blame Sanders supporters if she falls from grace.