Impersonating a police officer, a lawyer, or a medical professional is illegal but people do it anyway. Let’s take a look at some of the why and the penalties for it.

  1.  Police officer, most people do this in order to commit another crime such as burglary. On guy in NY once set up a full fake police station so he could interrogate and detain the people he chose to arrest but that case had some other mental heath motivations. Laws against impersonating an officer very from state to state but in most cases it is just a misdemeanor, but on the high end it could get you 5 years in jail. hint know your state law if you are dumb enough to do this.
  2. Lawyer, The motivation for this seems to facilitate a longer con. Used for things like mail fraud, computer fraud, or identity theft.  It is legally a felony and if you are caught you go away for a long time.
  3. Doctor or Nurse, well things get fuzzy here sometimes it is illegal but, sometimes… GOP candidate  Rand Paul claims to be an eye doctor, in fact he self-certified himself by making his own medical board to certify him. In states where the government is trying to restrict abortion fake rape crises centers are staffed with people posing as doctors and nurses. These centers are tax payer funded and are meant to scare women away from abortion by giving false information about side-effects. They provide no support once the baby is born.


The punishments seem not to fit the crime, I thought that sexy nurse at that Halloween party seemed a little unprofessional although I did enjoy the Jell-O shots.