Google searches on how to immigrate to Canada from the US rose to 67 thousand Tuesday night after Trumps latest victory speech. Americans seem to be understanding that a Trump presidency is likely if the two projected candidates face each other in an election. Where will you be fleeing to?

If you’re single you can go to any number of Canadian dating sites to look for a partner to help you make the move.


Canada puts a priority on skills over family members who live in Canada so brush up on a marketable skill if you want to move.


Most of the population lives in southern Canada if you prefer more isolated surroundings and don’t mind the snow try the Yukon. It is cold up there but very pretty.

winter is coming

If Canada is not your cup of tea, then there is an Irish Island that has opened its doors to fleeing Americans. Inishturk is an Irish island 6 miles off the main land. It once had a thriving population but most have left the Island and it only has 58 citizens remaining. Inishturk wants new blood on the island to secure its future. The weather would not be great but it wouldn’t be as snowy as the Yukon.

Inishturk harbor

Inishturk harbor

Anyway America, good luck for the future. We at Word151 wish you the best and hope you find a safe port from your self created storm.