Being a teen has never been easy. Teens long for acceptance, at the same time as being their most awkward. Sadly this is a time where they can be at their most vulnerable. Most parents know this much, but, what they may not recognize are new threats that come along with new technology.


Most victims of sexploitation are girls but there are cases of boys being the victim too. A Anthony Stancl was sentenced to 15 years in prison for his sextortion. Stancl set up a fake Facebook account and pretended to be a girl he targeted local high school boys and convinced them to masturbate via webcam. Once the video was made Stancl blackmailed the boys to have sex with him.

The most famous case of sexploitation is that of Amanda Todd a 13 year old Canadian girl, who told her story via YouTube shortly before taking her own life. See he tragic video below.

The motives for this crime differ from money, revenge, exploiting sexual favors or more explicit videos. As horrific as these crimes are the cases of sextortion are becoming more common. Parents need to be aware and communities must work together to protect our children. If we fail to protect our children we fail everything.