Mole people is a term for people who live in subway tunnels or underground in major cities. Las Vegas is  particular because, in the 1990’s it began constructing massive underground tunnels to protect the famous strip from flash floods.


Originally 1,000 miles of tunnels were commissioned and as of today around 200 miles of tunnel have been finished. While the neon “Shrine to Capitalism” shines across the desert, underground around 2000 people (societies outcasts) have set up homes in the underground labyrinths.


While the Mole People have constructed, to some extent, a functioning community, there is danger. Mole children of the tunnels are taught to keep out of site for their own protection. Many of the people living there are ex-addicts, or those trying to kick the habit. Never-the-less the underground tunnels provide space where people are able to set up quite roomy areas in which to live.


The main annoyance is the inches thick stream of water that invades the floor. This is solved by propping furniture up onto pallets to let the water pass. Apparently you get used to the smell?!


Sadly, due to lack of funds for the needy, the population is growing fast. It was also recently discovered that a Californian Psychiatric Hospital had been saving money by busing thousand of their patients to Vegas to live in the tunnels.


The tunnels are also occupied by scorpions and threatened by the occasional flood that washes away semblance of normalcy that the residents bad been able to create for themselves. When society has buried you alive you have no choice but to dry off and start over the American way!