I spent today looking at the spin from the Clinton camp over the Nevada convention.
“Bernie supporters just don’t respect the process” they cry. “Bernie supporters don’t like having their representatives not representing”, I say.
Yes they booed Barbra Boxer an admired Democratic politician, sorry but this time she wasn’t fighting the good fight. 64 Sanders delegates were not counted and 58 without even a chance to plead their cases. Rules state that delegates must have registered as democrats before May 1rst. The rules also state that delegates must be registered as democrats in order to be delegates so something has run afoul here.
 Claims that Bernie supporters are frighteningly misinformed and don’t know that it is impossible for him to win. To that I say where are Bernie supporters getting their misinformation from? A secret Fox or MSNBC type channel? Or could it be that the Clinton supporters are being mislead by the media. Follow the money when things awry. The money points to corporate media, the DNC and the Clinton Foundation’s donations for political favors program.
Clinton supporters could spend their time disagreeing on issues but they choose instead to canvas on a campaign of abandon all hope. People following the Hillary campaign have one good reason to support and it is a self centered reason based on that feeling you get when the person that you voted for wins, because the TV told them that she would win. If they took a hard look at the record of Hillary they would see that she is a very risky bet to represent the party. There probably wont be a party when this is all over and we will all be hoping that Trump is a better president than we KNOW she would make.
donald-trump-hillary-clinton1This is over 151 words so bite me.