Sanders supporters must deal with a lot of  Clinton trolls and the problem is getting worse.


A couple of  days ago I was reading a friends Facebook post when I spotted a troll bulling a Sanders supporter over Sanders stance on gay marriage (being the same as Clinton’s).  I corrected the lie (Sanders called gay rights a civil rights issue way back in 1983 while Clinton came out for gay marriage in 2013).


This the troll to become unhinged and he went into a long rant. Both myself and the person being bullied in the first place offered the guy a way out and said “look just vote for who you want and let others make up their own mind” He didn’t let up and on the 2nd day of this ramble I decided to google this dude to see who he was and if he had a history of mental illness.


Within 1 minute of the google search I was into a dark world of pedophilia and sex trafficking. under the alias TheRealDaffyDuck this guy ran a sex tourism blog. The blog called Big Dummy Kenny is still running today although may posts have been deleted and he has been forced to move his site multiple times. Turns out he is part of a Thai bar feud His bar being the Big Mango going after a blogger and California Northridge professor BigBabyKenny.  These blogs are about the quality of the under-aged workers and sex slaves. They are not blogs about saving these children they are meant to promote sex tourism and glorify the use of women and children as sexual objects.


TheRealDaffyDuck is a sick and twisted individual. I hope your next encounter with a internet Troll isn’t as dark. These people who troll the internet are dark sad people however so be wary of them.