Every war is not Nam and every populous candidate is not Nader. The 1968 democratic convention holds richer parallels to the election today. Let’s take a look.


In 1968 MLK and the popular Bobby Kennedy had been shot. The people wanted an anti-war candidate and since Kennedy had been shot the choice was clearly Eugene McCarthy. Late in the game, then VP Hubert Humphrey jumped in as a party insider. Without campaigning in primaries, the DNC awarded Humphrey delegates from the caucuses and decided not to reassign Kennedy’s delegates giving Humphrey the nomination over McCarthy. Despite 80% of the popular vote being for Kennedy and McCarthy.


Violence ensued, Newsmen were beaten and arrested, 10s of thousands of Protesters clashed with police. In the end Nixon won the election. The DNC failed to nominate a candidate who could win and so as democrats often do the lost an easily winnable election through manipulation of the rules and ignoring the people.

photo by Marry Ellen Mark

photo by Marry Ellen Mark

Nader who was a 3rd party candidate never had a shot at winning, he had power near the end to influence policy but in fact he did not even lose the election for the democrats. SCOTUS gets that prize as well as some cheating by Jeb Bush himself. We are now in a time of perpetual war and people will not support Clinton who is pro-war and scandal ridden. Some may fall in line behind her eventually but the risk is too great to nominate a person who is already beginning to trail Trump in the polls.