Hillary Clinton is insisting that Bernie and his rebel scum stop teasing her and get in line. Her reason for this is that if Bernie doesn’t bow to the Queen then the rule of Unfit King Trump will herald in an era of suffering and pestilence!


She insists that it would be in the best interest of the Democratic Party if Bernie would concede. By not doing so he is defying logic and only increasing the chances of a Trump Presidency.

Hillary must not listen to her own words?


The most assured way of preventing a Trump Presidency is if the Democratic Party chooses Bernie Sanders as their candidate. Poll after poll have confirmed that he does much better in head to head match-ups. Not one poll, not ten polls. Every poll. And the reason for this is simple…


Independents will decide the General Election




It is true that Hillary is slightly ahead of Sanders (at this moment) in the popular vote among Democrats. But the General Election has Independent voters. Lots of them. More than all the Democrats in all the 50 States. And Independents will decide this General Election. And Independents love Sanders as much as they dislike Hillary.


If every Democrat voted for their candidate, and ever Republican voted for their candidate, and every Independent voted for Mickey Mouse, we would have a rodent as POTUS. Let those numbers sink in. (not the Mickey Mouse part)





By not conceding Bernie may actually still win the Democratic nomination. And if he does, Trump loses. So Bernie is actually taking the path towards the greatest odds of victory over Trump while it is Hillary who is playing craps with America’s fate.


Independents love Sanders as much as they dislike Hillary.


Following Hillary’s logic, she should be the one conceding and getting in line with the Progressives. If she truly wants the greatest odds of stopping Trump then she should do the right “logical” thing. The best thing for the Democratic Party.