Making a living today is harder than climbing Mt. Everest with a piano stapled to your balls but life is getting easier for some. In Richmond California gang members who are known killers but have escaped the criminal system are now allowed to receive up to $1,300 a month for not killing anybody.


The program is incentive based so most gang members are only making around $750 a month for partially laying off the gangbanging. The program works with people called mentors, ex-cons who know the what’s what of the street. They keep a score card for the gang members and distribute the monthly earnings to the laziest of criminals.


The program seems to be working and Richmond (once the nations leading gang homicide city) has seen a sharp reduction in crime. Now other troubled cities like Chicago, Sacramento, and Detroit are looking to adapt their own version.

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Not since graduating 3rd grade with honors have some of these gangbangers achieved so much. The program eligibility lasts for 18 months with a chance to renew enrolment one time for another 18 months without a major strike to their unofficial record. That is a potential of $46,800 just for not killing anybody for a few years bravo for those eligible.