Trumpie Wumpie, Puddin’ and Pie, Kissed the girls and made them cry,

When the Bern came out to play, Trumpie Wumpie ran away.

As we all now know Trump recently chickened out on a debate with Bernie Sanders.

First demanding $10 million and then backing out when that was put up by a technology investment company. Leaving some (yet unnamed) woman’s charity group $10 million poorer.

But was it just cowardice? All but Trump’s stupidest supporters realize that Trump is a bully. And most bullies are cowards.

Strategically this was a grand opportunity to appeal to Independents and the more radical Bernie-or-Busters.

So was it just a disastrous miscalculation on his campaigns part? What if it wasn’t cowardice or stupidity? Here are two other theories that both rely on the assumption that Trump is politically adept.

Theory #1 – Trump realized that the debate would hurt Hillary.

Whether Hillary supporters want to accept it or not Hillary is the ideal candidate for Trump to run against. Poll after poll support this. Plus the GOP has had 8 years to write the playbook on defeating Hillary. So Trump actually prefers Hillary to Sanders.

Theory #2 – Trump is a Clinton plant.

For some time now Libertarian leaning Word151 readers have been suggesting this theory. I have been prone in the past to dismiss it… but it kind of bears some examination. By not debating and claiming that he doesn’t debate “Losers” Trump is shooting his Presidential aspirations in the foot. Whoever wins the Independents wins the Election. And passing up on this debate is crippling to his hopes of garnering their support. Maybe Hillary does hold his leash?