As the American dream is fading in the US one last bastion of entitlement remains making sure that those less fortunate than you remain so. In the old days in the US folks would sometimes vote against their interests because they believed their fortunes would change. That they would win the Publishers Clearing House sweepstakes or their garage tinkering would lead to fortune.


Today all there is left is to belittle others. In other industrialized countries people on welfare are given money into their bank accounts each month. In the US the Snap card alerts those standing in line behind you that you have failed. Don’t you even think about buying cheese, a descent cut of meat, or any comfort food. That guy behind you in line has paid for you to eat and you need to take his humiliation and quickly crawl back into your hole.


Oh and the immigrants just think how many more farming jobs and gardening jobs America could have back if we kicked them all out. Sure give us your tired and poor was the old model but now America is all filled up and Americans are tired and poor themselves.


Now America could follow other countries economic plans and distribute larger sums into infrastructure and social programs and less on military. There are a few problems with that:

1) it is cool to blow shit up

2) America is #1

3) Socialism is a scary word

4) if there were a better social safety net who would we belittle? How about the uneducated?