Month: June 2016


Pareidolia is a phenomenon that can make us see faces (or other things like animals or butts) in objects. * Better bookmark this article since I’m betting you won’t remember the word “Pareidolia” tonight at the Bar! The human brain possesses a strange desire to recognize faces where there are none. No matter how “un-creative” you may find yourself we all have a tendency to see meaningful shapes where none exist. A recent study showed that people were MORE likely to seen faces in random images when the researchers suggested that they look for them. What this suggests is...

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Electric Car Sharing Coming to Your City Soon

It started in Paris 2007 with a city wide bicycle sharing program. Automated bicycle stations were set up all over the city, and a membership got you 20 minutes of riding time free of charge. If reaching would take longer, you just changed bikes after 20 minutes. Then, France’s Bollore Group  wanted to try it with cars.  By 2014 there were 2,500 electric car sharing vehicles on the road and 4,000 charging stations. The price was a very reasonable €10 a month subscription fee and €6 every 30 minutes. Although the program had some glitches involving mechanics and vandalism of the operation, it has...

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A Pat on the Limey’s Back!

Dear England, It’s been a bad week for you. First the BREXIT and then the humiliating defeat by a country populated by 300,000 people and some trolls and elves (plus whatever Bjork is). I can’t help you with the BREXIT, chaps. That was your own doing. But I can give you something to be cheerio about. Getting knocked out of Euro 2016 by Iceland wasn’t “humiliating” at all. Just stop being English for a bit and try to put things in perspective. Firstly – England isn’t that good at football (soccer). Sorry, someone had to tell you. Yes, you...

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In Space No One Can Hear You Scream

In Space No One can Hear You Scream was the tag-line for Ridley Scott’s wonderful film, Alien. That isn’t what this story is about. Nor is this story about the upcoming 2017 verbosely titled, Prometheus 2 Alien Covenant. Rather, I wish to debunk nearly every science fiction movie ever made ala Neil deGrasse Tyson. I am no astrophysicist, but I know a little about sound waves and some small stuff about space. A sound wave needs to travel through something like air or water. Space is a big void, no air or water. Astronauts can speak inside their air filled...

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Political-Porn XXX

Believe me when I say that nobody loves the subjects of porn and politics more than the writers here at Word151. There are, however, situations when two good things do not a better thing make. Mayonnaise and cigarettes. Cocaine and Saunas. Or the unfolding Political/Sex game going on around the Brexit. Dominatrix Merkel and her Gallic Gimp Hollande have just received a prize offering from “buddy” David Cameron. Poor little “Aspirant Prime Minister” Boris Johnson has bitten off more than he can chew as he finds himself hog-tied and ball-gagged in the domination dungeon of European Politics. Merkel, always...

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Domestic Abusers and No Fly Lists

SCOTUS just made a ruling on Voisine v. U.S. that is pretty historic and surprising. From here on if you are convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence you must surrender your guns and lose your rights to own guns forever. This seems like a dubious interpretation of the Constitution to me, but I am not going to fight for the right of wife beaters to shoot their spouses either. For now it is just the new law of the land. When the Democrats come back to work in the House and Senate they will bring back the #noflynobuy. This is legislation I will stick out my...

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My brEx-Girlfriend

When we first met, I thought that Brittany and I were a match made in heaven. The timing seemed so right. I had just come through a very painful and ugly period in my life. I had been out of control and had done some bad things; even broken some laws. What I really needed was someone that I could trust. That was my Brittany. She herself was recently divorced, weakened from a long, loveless marriage that had slowly debilitated her spirit. But this former relationship had also strengthened her commitment to stability. It seemed that the fates had...

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The Story Behind The Pied Piper of Hamelin

(In the year 1284 on the day of [Saints] John and Paul on 26th June 130 children born in Hamelin were led away by a piper [clothed] in many colors to [their] Calvary near the Koppen, [and] lost) The quote above is from a manuscript written in the mid 15th century by a German monk. It is the oldest known account of the legend of the Pied Piper of Hamelin. Here is a quick recap of the legend. Pied Piper comes to the town of Hamelin and offers to get rid of the town’s rats. He plays his flute,...

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From Ms. to Mx. the Honorifics of Our Times

The honorific Ms. started way back in the 17th century but fell out of use in favor of the Mrs. and Miss monikers. It was refashioned in the 20th century for professional women so they could mirror the status neutral Mr.  Mx. (pronounced Mix) was coined back in 1977, but it wasn’t until 2015 when Oxford added the word to its dictionary (2016 for Merriam-Webster) that Mx. became an official title. In the 1980s, when Geraldine Ferraro was running for vice-president, the Ms. moniker became the norm for everyone. It had previously been used for feminists or used by others when they were unsure...

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The End of the Beginning

The Brexit is a reality. While the press tended to focus on immigration and the economy, the real issue was that a growing number of British citizens did not feel that their interests were being  served by the “un-Democratic” Bureaucracy in Brussels. Europeans, especially in the North, have seen their standard of living decrease as Brussels instigates costly, frustrating austerity measures to prop up the South. France’s National Front leader Marine Le Pen and Dutch anti-immigration politician Geert Wilders (among others) are now screaming for referendums of their own.     The European Parliament is in full panic mode...

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With the goodwill of the people and supporting politicians the Sit-In Dems were well supplied for their #NOBILLNOBREAK fight. As citizens we can not imagine the hardships they faced posing for pictures, speaking to the press, live tweeting the fight, breathing the climate controlled air and sacrificing hours of their vacation...

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