On June 4th 1974, the Cleveland Indians were hosting the Texas Rangers. It was the second game of the match up and the Stadium was having a 10 cent beer night special promotion. What could go wrong?


The week before Texas had hosted Cleveland and the infamous Billy Martin was the Rangers manager. Martin had instructed his team to be aggressive and intimidate the Cleveland players. This tactic ended in a full on brawl with each trading punches. For the next match up Cleveland was hosting the moon was full and the temperature in Cleveland that night was unusually hot.


The promotion helped fill the stadium to over twice of what was expected 25,134 fans in all. The only safety measure in place was a 6 beer limit per order but nothing stopped you from getting back in line.


Things started going pear shaped in the 3rd inning when a male streaker rushed the field and when he had finished his lap he was nabbed by the cops and carried away in a big plastic bag. Then a woman jumped onto the field and flashed he breasts bringing the crowd to their feet. This was followed by a father and son duo who stormed the field to moon the crowd. Other fans started throwing Cherry bombs into the Rangers dugout.


Texas had a quick lead in game play but by the 9th inning the Rangers were rattled enough to let their lead slide to a tie of 5-5. Fans started to storm the field stealing hats of both teams and soon after charging the field with knifes, chain and bare knuckles. Billy Martin rushed the field with his team carrying bats. The Umps called a forfeit of the game in favor of the Rangers. Which remains a controversial.