Card games are not my style I don’t like simple games like Solitaire in general, but sometimes your bosses insist. So I was requested by some of the over 40 editors to review this game. So I will stop working on my San Diego Comic Con costume and play a game I wont like for a few hours.


Fairway Solitaire is made by Big Fish Games. That is a good sign because they are a creative company with a wide range of diverse titles. Fairway Solitaire is a lot like Spider Solitaire or UNO, cards can be played off the screen by paying one number up or down from your draw card. For example if you draw a 10, you can click on a 9 or a J to remove it from the screen. Still pretty boring.


However, mix in decent graphics, a golf theme, a pesky gopher (mini-games), and golf commentary, daily and special courses and I can see how “the older generation” would find this game appealing. I will even give it a good rating but if you will excuse me I have a Steampunk mechanical butterfly costume to work on.


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