At the beginning of the 20th century, women were needed in the workplace so that the men could go off and die in the great war. Pants began to be acceptable for certain jobs, but not socially. WWII helped even more plus the cinema with actresses like Katherine Hepburn and Marlena Dietrich, helped to spread the fashion.


Out of the workplace it was still risqué to wear pants until the 1960s. In the 1970s woman were making some strides towards management positions the pantsuit as we know it today was born out of a desire to take the sexy out of the workplace and look more androgynous in the workplace. Trend setter Hillary Clinton wore pantsuits to the Nixon Watergate hearings back in 1974.  The 70s also saw SCOTUS declare that girls could have the right to wear pants in all public schools.


In 1993 Senator Barbara Mikulski broke protocol by becoming the first woman on the senate floor to wear pants a moment she liked to walking on the moon.

Barbara Mikulski pantsuit pioneer

Barbara Mikulski pantsuit pioneer

Was it all worth it? I don’t like the pantsuit very much but I wish the media would talk less about Hillary’s pantsuits and more about her policies. However, perhaps Hillary’s war hawk ways are more about how woman made the jump out of the skirt and into the pantsuit.