Pinup girl Betty Page is pretty famous still today but what about others? Let’s take a look at Jennie Lee a burlesque performer, pinup model and B movie actress. Her stage names included:  The Bazoom Girl, and my favorite Miss44 and Plenty More. Her acts big finish was spinning her long tasseled pasties as fast as she can make them go. Much like the strip club scene in the Graduate.


In life she was no empty headed bimbo. She started a dancers union called the Exotic Dancers League of North America or EDL. The EDL was the first of its kind of union and helped to protect the dancers insisting on better working conditions and higher pay. She wrote a monthly column about Vegas night life and the EDL transformed into a social network for retired dancers.


Jennie Lee’s acting carrier campy but steady. She appeared in Peek a Boo in 1953 and 3 Nuts in Search of a Bolt in 1964 as well as many more.



Her life’s work was working on a burlesque museum called Exotic World just outside of Las Vegas she died in 1990 at age 61 but her friend and fellow dancer Dixie Evans took over the museum and it still is open today. The museum serves as a reminder of the life of burlesque dancers past and present.