Barring the FBI getting off their asses, timely accidents or an act of God (now I wish that he really existed!) the 2016 Democratic and Republican Candidates will be Hill the Thrill and The Don.

The 2016 Nominations were certainly a wild ride. What the hell just happened?

Now that the dust is clearing regular Americas are left scratching their heads while Political Pundits everywhere are scrambling to save some degree of professional integrity.

It must be something in the water? That something being lead.

It must be something in the water? That something being lead.

Let’s catch our breath before the Presidential Campaigns and take a quick look back at the 5 Biggest Losers so far in the 2016 circus.

  1. Jeb Bush. Jeb was the GOP favorite at the start of the nomination campaign. The Dynastic Sweetheart to counter the other side’s Dynastic Sweetheart. I honestly can’t say that Jeb did well enough to even lose. Come to think of it, did he even run?
  2. The GOP kind of lost. Their candidates ranged from pathetic to buffoonish to downright evil. The GOP golfed this round far over par, but less so than their competition. So I guess they played poorly but technically they won by sucking less!? Dang it! 0 for 2!
  3. The DNC, through antics, poor judgment and arrogance they probably alienated a generation of voters. Worse for the DNC, it was the future generation.
  4. The Mainstream Media. Never has the vast infiltration of corporate power in the media been more exposed than in 2016. It’s not just a few of the obvious propaganda hack-machines like FOX or the Washington Post. It’s ALL of them.
  5. America. Donald or Hillary? What happened? Was Charles Manson too busy?


Enjoy your Democracy!


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