It is increasingly looking like the British may be voting to leave the EU in their upcoming referendum. Current polls have the “Leave” vote at 8-10 points over the “Stay” vote. The British Government is in a state of panic, as our some other outspoken European Leaders. The problem is that even a major “Leave” victory won’t change anything.

Why, because this is just a referendum.

The EU “association treaty” on trade and security with Ukraine was overwhelmingly rejected by Dutch voters a month ago. And what did the European Government in Brussels do? They ignored it. They went ahead with the plans that suited their interests.


They will do the same with a Brexit. Lip-service will be paid. Excuses made, delays will appear, postponements will be needed to ratify and clarify.

Another referendum will follow. If the British are still adamant about leaving then another will follow with slightly different wording.

Mark these word!

Britain will still be a member of the EU in the coming decade no matter what the British people decide. Brussels does not heed to democracy, unless they like the results.