Gun sales are down 50% since the Sandy Hook shooting when the NRA convinced everybody that Obama was going to take away their guns. Now that Obama is in his last year in power that threat doesn’t have the teeth that it used to. The NRA even smugly admitted that it had mislead the public to boost gun sales. So what do we need? How can we strike fear back into the heart of the white male who is not as angry and afraid of a black man taking their guns as they used to be?


Capitalism is king so we need to have another mass school shooting. I know this sounds bad but hear me out. Nobody wants their kid to be shot, but, if you know it is coming you can prepare. The answer lies in Kevlar. Kids will love it. I loved playing knights and cops and robbers when I was a kid todays kids will think of it as a game as well. Plus kids are resilient.


Today there are many styles of Kevlar clothing available so style is not an issue. Many Schools have already bullet proofed much of the classrooms like bullet proof whiteboards. The next shooting will boost the fear factor there will be fewer fatalities if you are prepared and it will be a boom in the Kevlar for kids fashion market. So get ahead of the game and armor little Keven and Susy up before we start fearing a woman president taking away our guns. Freedom Rules!