Dear Humanity,

50 people lost their lives in the nightclub Pulse in Orlando Florida. If you have seen the news then you will know this. You will know this because there is, apparently, nothing else going on in Media-land.

It was again a man with an AR15, some mother-issues, a lot of hate and a penchant for religion. I could have guessed his “shooter-profile” the second someone told me that 50 people had been gunned down in America. And once again I would have been proven right.

This kind of senselessness violence and loss of life is always tragic. Often the only rational way to deal with it is to put things in perspective.


According to the World Death Clock 106.60 people die every minute world wide.

In the time it would have taken Omar to take the average dump 746,2 people would have died.

If Omar was a typical Afghanistan man then 394,32 people would have died during his sexual intercourse. Assuming that he had ever had any.

Omar could have sat through American Sniper while 14,098 people died

These numbers don’t make anything better. It doesn’t bring any mother’s son back. But it does demonstrate how meaningless and insignificant the actions and objectives of scum like Omar Mateen are. Omar truly accomplish nothing with his life and death except to remind those of us left that every second is precious.

*In the time it has taken you to read this far into this article (and look at the picture of America’s latest failure) more people will have died than the in the whole Pulse massacre.