Yet another tragic shooting this weekend in Orlando. The news networks are debating on how to label it. Was it a terrorist attack? Was it a hate crime? What isn’t being asked is who is benefiting from this tragedy.


Smith and Wesson stock rose 8% in weekend trading/after hours trading, as one would expect. The other big winner is more of a surprise, Hillary Clinton. ABC news in a rare act of reporting released a story exposing Clinton, in a political acts for cash scandal. A very large donor Rajiv Fernando who donated thousands to the Clinton campaign and even more to the Clinton Foundation (perhaps over a million dollars in total). Fernando was appointed to a seat on the International Security Advisory Board (ISAB), back in 2011. The ISAB advises the government and military about security strategy.  Problem is Rajiv Fernando is a rich stock trader, had no vetting process nor expertise in international security. When questions started to be asked he resigned.


So that was back in 2011 and what is new this weekend is we have more Clinton e-mails exposing her role in his appointment. In other words proof that Hillary Clinton traded donations to her foundation for political favors when she was Secretary of State. This is clearly illegal and at least some of her staff will pay a price but legal actions takes time and when the media can focus on blood flowing action we wont hear much about this for now. Unfortunately for us before the convention would be a good time to be looking at the risks involved in a Hillary nomination.


The events in Orlando are tragic, but change in laws are unlikely when we keep people, who are motivated by profit in elected office. Human Tragedy takes a back seat to profit in America today.