Mudslinging is something you expect in an election season and this year has brought plenty of that. This year among the lunacy and the pending end of days there is something else slightly off. All the candidates seem to be running in the wrong party.


  • Donald Trump was a democrat before running now as a Republican. The GOP says they don’t think he is a republican and that the things he says do not reflect republican values. Republicans have values??!! Well, apparently not as most have agreed to back Trump anyway. Trump is nutty enough to be a libertarian pick.


  • Hillary Clinton has strong republican roots. Republican’s hate the Clinton brand but she votes in favor of republican wars. Likes long privatized prison sentences for minorities and banking deregulation. Perhaps if republicans looked at her actions and not listened to her words she would be their nominee and not the democratic pick.



  • Gary Johnson is the pick for the libertarian party. His background and hate of taxes put him in both the camps of the republicans and the libertarians. However, Johnson believes that people should have drivers licenses in order to drive. His slogan Make America Sane again does not sound very libertarian either. Woman’s right to chose is ok with him too as long as the woman makes up her mind quickly. The colorful cast of characters that he beat for the nomination call him a republican and it is true that he dresses more like a republican than a wizard such as his party mate Vermin Supreme.
Vermin Supreme Libertarian Candidate

Vermin Supreme Libertarian Candidate


  • Bernie Sanders may not have a party behind him at the moment. What he does have is a lot of supporters. I hope he realizes that he can make his own party whenever and wherever he pleases because in America it should be about the people.