“I’m not racist but…” is almost always followed by something racist. I found myself hating some people for no good reason the other day so, I want to see if I can make that sentence and not be called a racist. Here it goes: I’m not racist but I hate people who look like people I hate. Now is that racist? I know it isn’t right but who really cares it’s not like I’m going to punch somebody I don’t know or anything. Can’t a have irrational hate. I was dropping one of my children off at school the other day and I looked at one of the other parents. I thought, hey! This guy looks just like that asshole from high school, I hate that guy and this guy!!


Later, when shopping I saw a woman in a pantsuit with a Hillary hair cut. It was all I do no restrain myself from yelling “I hope the FBI gets you!!”


One of the Contributors here at Word151 lives in France and he told me that the French have a word for something close to this. Tete du Con which means head of an asshole. I guess it is close to having a punchable face like Ted Cruz. Anyway, I’m not a racist but…