I’ve never posted here before, but I want to point out something that bugs the shit out of me, lazy Facebook profile pictures. Jesus, it has been ages since the attack on Paris. Why do I keep seeing Je Suis Charlie and the French flag. Those killings are so yesterday.


Occupy pictures?  Please, are we not several years into this thing. What is the message and who is your leader?

Black Lives Matter? Really? During an election year? Please!

And I’m black!

Black history month ended in February.  Take down your profile picture. One month is enough!

Breast Cancer awareness month? Well, ok, we do need a whole month for that. After all, it is equal to slavery.  A whole month for your tits? 400 years of slavery is worth that?! Ok, July, you can have your happy feel your tits up month. I just don’t think the calendar is divided up correctly.


Now I’m being told that October is Breast Cancer awareness month. I don’t want to take anything away from that, but two months? One for each tit? I would think that the life of one black man would be worth the time of two white tits. I guess I’m wrong. One African American life is worth half of a set of tits. I am glad that is cleared up!