I guess it is only fitting that the people who seek the most freedom seem to be the least able to handle it. Much was the case at the Libertarian National Convention last week. Let’s look at some of the runners up.


Vermin Love Supreme has run for President 7 times.  Known for wearing a boot on his head and glitter bombing the others running for office, Vermin came in 4th place in the New Hampshire primary as a Democrat before switching over to the Libertarian party. His platform includes a pony for every person in the country and the promise to go back in time to kill baby Hitler, as well as making it illegal to not brush your teeth.


John McAfee, the computer anti-virus software giant. Legal battles over drugs, firearms, and murder kept him in hiding for many years. As of 2013. he is back in the US and running for President as the Libertarian candidate. While his ideas are not as eccentric as the man himself, his platform included removing government safety regulations on cars and the right for businesses to discriminate against groups they don’t like.


Darryl Perry is basically an anarchist. He wishes to gradually dissolve all forms of government starting with the IRS and the public education system. He opposes gun laws and is for open borders. “Real men don’t need leaders.”


James Weeks got two votes after he stripped on stage at the Convention. He is now running for Sheriff in his home county.

After a contested Convention the vote went to Gary Johnson. He is no Bernie Sanders but is the most rational libertarian I’ve ever seen. Boring but not bat shit crazy.