Inspired by Dadaism, Cacophony Societies are secret clubs that preform pranks in cities around America. Much like a drunken band of anarchists, Cacophony Societies disrupt the normal world and poke it in the eye.


I will list some of the antics/pranks by city group.

San Francisco originated the term Cacophony Society in the mid 1980s and published a monthly newsletter that has since ceased publication. They held the Picnic on the Golden Gate Bridge event and a mock pigeon roast in Union Square. Some pranks have become annual events, such as the people dressed as salmon “swimming” in the opposite direction of SFs annual marathon the Bay to Breakers.


In Los Angeles they held the Crucifixion of the Easter Bunny event as well as Klowns against Commerce, where people dressed as clowns would harass businessmen in LA’s financial district.


Portland’s group was the inspiration for Fight Club. They have many annual events, including Stripper Bingo, a bingo game played in a strip club, Santa Con, a thousand person strong pub crawl of Santas, and Mondo Croquet, the classic croquet game played with bowling balls and sledge hammers.


Other groups resemble Cacophony Societies without using the name, such as New York’s Improv Everywhere. Improv Everywhere has 100’s of quality pranks to its name, including time loops, during which members repeatedly re-enacted the same scene of a couple arguing to a dish breaking in order to trap onlookers in time.


There is some record indicating these groups antics have caused a little damage to people’s psyches, but for the most part it is all in good fun.