Back on June 18th 1912 Teddy Roosevelt saw his Republican Party pick his former friend Howard Taft over him for the republican nomination. Roosevelt was tough as nails and was angry at the increasingly conservative policies as the incumbent Taft. Teddy wanted the presidency back and sought to unseat Taft.

Teddy on Mooseback

Teddy on Mooseback

Roosevelt had entered the campaign late and had hoped the RNC would have his back. When he lost at the convention Teddy decided to start a 3rd party called the Progressive party.


Sadly for Roosevelt, the republican climate of the day was not on his side. Many believed it to be a carrier ending move to split from the ranks of the main stream  republicans. Roosevelt won only in California, but had split the vote enough to hand the presidency over to the democrat Woodrow Wilson.


Ironically, much of the reform including Social Security, an 8 hour work day, and a minimum wage would be achieved later by FDR.


On a side note, on October 14, 1912 Teddy Roosevelt was shot in the chest by crazy man John Flammang Schrank. The bullets penetrated his chest but had been slowed by his 80 page speech in his jacket pocket. Roosevelt gave his 90 minute speech directly after being shot.  “I feel as fit as a bull moose!’ Teddy decried to the press and the press nicknamed the party the Bull Moose Party.