Everybody has a favorite movie, TV show, or adult comic book. If you want to relive, extend, or play a more active role in your favorites then you should check out Telltale Games.


The company is a small but staffed with very experienced designers who created their company after a shake up at LucasArts. They started back in 2005 with a Texas Hold’em game. It wasn’t until they made some episodic type games based on the comic Bone that they really fond their stride. After that they partnered with Ubisoft to produce a series of games inspired by the TV series CSI.


They really came into their own with the release of Back to the Future, an easy to play episodic game that plays like a 4th instalment to the film franchise that includes the voices of Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd. The original release was 5 episodes per month for 6 months.

Back to the Future

Back to the Future

The current project is the Walking Dead: Michonne . If you are a fan of the kick ass Michonne on TWD you should check out the game. Two other seasons of TWD are already available.  There is a Telltale game for Game of Thrones as well, currently in season 1. Also available is a sweet Batman game, and an as of yet untitled Marvel Comics game is coming soon.