A barrage of Democratic Senators have taken to their Twitter and Facebook accounts to congratulate themselves for losing another valiant fight. This time around it is about gun control. They filibustered for a vote they knew they would lose, and now they want you to know how bravely they fought.


Senators Al Franken and Elizabeth Warren had a chance to bring about the kind of change the people are demanding. When the chance came they were silent or tried to distract us. Elizabeth Warren took to Twitter to face a losing battle against Trump while making backroom deals with the Clinton camp. Few saw through the charade. The Democrats openly believe that the people are too stupid to see the difference between real change and lip service.

COMEDIAN FRANKEN TO BECOME US SENATE CANDIDATE Former SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE cast member AL FRANKEN is running for the US Senate from Minnesota in 2008. A senior Democratic official from Minnesota confirmed that the comedian has decided to run for office, but he has not made an official announcement yet. The 55-year-old has been calling members of the Minnesota congressional delegation to get their advice on his candidacy. He announced this week (BEG29JAN07) that he would be leaving his show on Air America Radio on 14 February (07) and told listeners he would be making a decision soon. Franken would take on Republican NORM COLEMAN, a first-term senator who is among the Democrats' top targets. In addition to his work on Saturday Night Live, he has also written several best-selling books combining humour and politics. (SS/WNWCYA Al Franken Conservative Political Action Conference 2005 Washington DC, USA - 2005 Credit: Carrie Devorah / WENN

Credit: Carrie Devorah / WENN

Perhaps the majority of Americans are that stupid. Al Franken’s Facebook feed posted a stop hate meme today and the comments are version of “Thank you Senator Franken for being a beacon of hope in these dark times.” Wake UP!! His side lost. They have not stopped anything. They have only posted a meme to show that they are against hate. Yeah, me too; I would also like to add that I don’t wish to get shot when I go out of my house. You should elect me to office. I am against getting shot just like you are.


The Right-wing blames the poor and the immigrants for the world’s troubles. The Left-wing whines about the Right-wing blocking all their wonderful ideas. It is all BS! The only way to fix things is to get money out of politics. Losing a vote on getting a ban on terrorists being able to buy guns is embarrassing! They should be begging our forgiveness for failing the people so badly, not blowing their horns.