When I was in the 6th grade I got in trouble for drawing a cartoon of soldier stick-figures machine-gunning down a line of prisoner stick-figures (No, I don’t still have it 35 years on) I seem to remember also getting in trouble that year for a cartoon from another TV show about slavery called ‘Roots’.

At the time I sort of understand why my teacher called in my parents to “discuss” the issue. Even my adolescent mind recognized it as disturbing imagery. The thing was that I was just re-creating a scenes from popular TV shows at the time. 70’s TV covered some heavy and confrontational themes like Slavery and the Holocaust. So why exactly my teacher was “shocked” or “surprised” by my choice of subject strikes me now as odd?

Perhaps she didn’t have a television and wasn’t “in-touch” with the latest shows, although I find this hard to believe. For a long time after these incidents that I just thought that I was a sick person. (I still have my suspicions)

I can only imagine that elementary teachers are confronted with many disturbing things coming out of the minds and mouths of children. Spotting the ‘real’ danger signs from the imaginary must take some skill that only experience can teach?!

Here is a collection of  “questionable” images created by children. While each is fascinating as subject, I also suspect that these are the types of images that are far more deserving of a Teacher-Parent meeting than my recreations of popular television.

That sick person part of me bids you “Enjoy!”