Sharona Alperin was working in a clothing shop in 1978 when a woman walked into the shop with her boyfriend. While his girlfriend tried on clothes, the man introduced himself as Doug. He explained that his band was playing a showcase and invited Sharona to come. The Man turned out to be Doug Fieger, the lead singer of the soon-to-be-famous band The Knack.


Both Sharona and Doug had stable relationships at the time, but after meeting Sharona, Doug dumped his girlfriend of 9 years and became obsessed with Sharona. She resisted his advances. The Knack began preparing songs for their debut album Get the Knack. Doug could not shake his obsession with Sharona. When the album was complete, at least 5 of its songs were inspired by Sharona, including the debut single My Sharona. Sharona posed for the single’s cover photo.

When Sharona heard the song for the first time she was overwhelmed. But it wasn’t until she was watching the band (opening for Eddie Money) and Doug Fieger pulled tickets to Hawaii out of his pocket and asked on stage if she would run away with him that she succumbed and dumped her long time boyfriend. They stayed together for 4 years. Today, Sharona Alperin is a real estate agent to the stars in LA, and sadly Doug Fieger died of cancer in 2010.