SCOTUS just made a ruling on Voisine v. U.S. that is pretty historic and surprising. From here on if you are convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence you must surrender your guns and lose your rights to own guns forever. This seems like a dubious interpretation of the Constitution to me, but I am not going to fight for the right of wife beaters to shoot their spouses either. For now it is just the new law of the land.


When the Democrats come back to work in the House and Senate they will bring back the #noflynobuy. This is legislation I will stick out my neck to protest. Because the lists are not transparent. You only find out you’re on the no fly list when you try to fly somewhere. This must be an awkward moment for the person working the check in counter. Some have discovered their name is on the list in error, like Cat Stevens or as he now calls himself Yusuf Islam did some years ago. He is a celebrity, so he was able to get the problem worked out in time. I get stopped by immigration every time I enter the U.S. not because of the color of my skin but because I lost my passport back in 1990 and they want to check that I am not traveling on a passport that expired over 20 years ago. There is no way for me to fix this. It is what it is. There is nowhere I can go to get my name off of that secret list.


The Democrats know that the law they are supporting won’t pass, but, they also know that a majority of people, not just Democrats, want to see something done about mass shootings. This way they raise money, look like they are fighting the good fight, and in the end, get your vote.


Do I think they should do something on this issue? I am not against guns, but I am against shooting people with them. If you are going to approach the issue, do so with good ideas. Racial profiling people is not a great idea. Secret lists that profile people based on color is also not a good idea. I am tired of the subject of guns because each side can not hear the other. The conversations go nowhere. I hope the new domestic violence law does some good and saves some lives. But, if a couple is out to kill each other, they will find a way to do it.