Month: July 2016

FEAR 2016

The politics of fear is a powerful thing. It divides us, motivates us and takes away our freedoms. The threat can be real or imagined. Either way, Fear with a capital F keeps us in check. “People react to fear not love. They don’t teach that in Sunday school but it is true” Richard Nixon While achieving political power through fear tactics is not a new phenomena with the advent of social media it has become much easier to spread. Most Americans would probably cite the Bush/Cheney administration as successfully driving public opinion to justify an illegal war and...

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Most Americans Can’t Even Count to 3

I ran a social experiment this week and promoted a 3rd party vote in a discussion with 3 men at a local bar. All 3 were middle class and white. All were in their 30’s. And all are Dems who have decided to vote for Clinton. During our conversation I was told the following: Ralph Nader voters were responsible for the Iraq War. If I vote 3rd party I will do so knowing it means the countless deaths of innocents in other countries. “That argument is pure hogwash.” Voting my conscience is not as important as defeating Trump. There...

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France and Oil Independence from the Seven Sisters

Prior to and throughout WWII, the Germans had their eyes on oil supplies in Libya. Strategically, if the Germans could obtain a steady supply of oil they would surely win the war in Europe. They faced off against the British in the Saharan Desert sands of Algeria. Ironically, the Germans retreated into Egypt not realizing that there they were standing on top of huge oil fields. In the late 40’s to 1950, a French geologist named Conrad Kilian claiming he could speak to stones was out to make his fortune. He made a large map of the Sahara and marked places...

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#DEMEXIT The Revolution Will Not Be Televised!

The Democratic Convention may be over but the Media Black Out continues. Massive protest are planned across the US today, marked #DEMEXIT day, but don’t expect the cameras turned towards unrest. This is largely because the media is implicated in the DNC e-mail leaks. Ironically, the famously biased FOX NEWS is covering some of the protests, as they believe that the disunity will help their side. The polls seem to disagree. Green Party candidate Jill Stein is now tied with Hillary in a FOX NEWS poll with write-ins at 4%, meaning that at some point the media will be forced to...

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From Magic Underpants to Kaparot

As an atheist, I find it difficult to imagine how people of faith feel. I imagine that they feel all warm and tickly and are strengthened by their sense of community right up until the point that they drink the Kool-Aid. Still, there are some rituals in religion today that seem strangely out of date in the modern world, if not down right creepy. Take the Mormons and their magic underpants. The Mormons have a lot of secret ceremonies, but it is difficult to take them seriously when you picture them in their magic underpants. The underpants have the symbols of...

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From Russia with Love

Donald Trump is a genius, once again outmaneuvering his opponents by “doubling-down” on their attempts to paint him as a “Ruski”. And no, his remarks about Clinton’s missing 20,000 missing emails weren’t treason. It could be considered treacherous for an American to wish “out loud” that the Russians would spy on another American. Treachery however is not Treason. Liberals need to get over that…. The corporate dominated media was unsurprisingly willing to “jump the gun” in accusing Russia of hacking emails and interfering with international politics when no evidence has been provided. In fact, the cybersecurity firms FireEye and...

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A-moral Conundrum

Murica has gone and done it now, offering a choice between two of the least popular politicians in American history. Since there is no evidence to suggest that Americans will escape the “state of fear” that their media keeps them in, we will have to assume that the next POTUS will be HRC or The Trump. Putting aside all policy, gender or rhetoric, let’s look at this choice from a moral angle. For the sake of this experiment, you have to accept the following two statements as mostly to entirely true. *If you do not agree with these two...

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The Overton Window of Hillary Clinton

The Overton Widow Theory if you have not heard of it represents the positions that an elected official can take actions or positions without causing duress to their supporters and putting their future at risk. Hillary Clinton has been nominated to be the Democratic Presidential candidate and her supporters are thrilled. The historic nature of the first woman to be nominated to by a major party is a big deal. However, with the air of scandal that she faces her supporters have given her Carte Blanche or at minimum a very large Overton Window. With the resignation of Debbie Wasserman-Shultz,...

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Non-politically Upsetting Protest Signs

Protest signs, banners and placards have been around as long as people have milled around in groups upset about something. So pretty much forever. Some historians suggest that the Ancient Romans were the first to adopt the mass use of a plank on a stick (usually just an image or symbol) as a means of expressing their opinion. But in all likelihood the origins are probably much older. The idea is that you can spread your message better by displaying it to all “non-visually-impaired” within view is not a particularly difficult concept. A good protest sign needs to make...

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William P. Hitler

In Adolf Hitler had no children of his own but he did have a half brother, Alois Hitler Jr. Alois moved from Austria to Dublin where he met Bridget Dowling, an Irish girl. The couple fell in love and were married in London. They settled in Liverpool, where, in 1911, William Patrick Hitler was born. Adolf came to visit, supposedly to escape from Austrian military service He stayed in the Liverpool home of William from 1912-1913. Adolf referred to little Willy as “my loathsome nephew.” The following year Alois went on a trip and never came back. In the early 1920s, Alois began corresponding...

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The Fix is In!

Assuming that you are a sports fan, then try to remember that time when you stood staring in disbelief at the TV while cursing some referee’s bad call. All the hopes and dreams that you had pinned on your teams success that season flushed down the toilet by human error. Now try to imagine all the times this you have felt this anger and helplessness in you life all rolled up into just one game. Now try to imagine that instead of your team it was you and your children’s lives at stake. Now try to imagine how you...

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Flatulist the Professional Farters of History

Flatulence is one of the few things that cross language and cultural barriers. Comedian Sarah Silverman says “farts are international sign language” in her book Eat, Prey, Fart. Professional Farters or Flatulists have been around for a long time. We have mentioned the Japanese He-Gassen fart battle scrolls  from the Edo period before. There is a scroll from Japan’s Kamakura era (1185 to 1333), Called The King of Farts about a performer who danced fart dances for the aristocracy.  The farting performers were called “heppiri otoko” (放屁男), lit. “farting men”. There are fart jokes in Shakespeare and also in St. Augustine’s 5...

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