Some people have great gifts like a photographic memory or being able to see colors more vividly than others, but some gifts can be a curse. I am not talking about a disability but rather an extra ability that some people have to hear sounds at wider frequency.


In certain places a small percentage of the population complain of hearing a hum that is so intense that it begins to cause physical harm to the body. Headaches, diarrhea, and nosebleeds are common. The World Hum Database is collecting reports and locations of those who can hear the hum. Many report that the sound is like an engine idling in their house. Earplugs don’t mask the sound, which would lead to thinking that the sound is psychosomatic. However, many people begin hearing it at the same time. Take Kokomo, Indiana for example. Residents there say it started around 1999 and although not everybody can hear it, those who can must leave the town to guard their sanity.

“Like a rumbling truck, drilling, some kind of pump running. Very low-pitch sound vibration.” says a Washington resident that has been living with the sound at night for years.
While studies to identify the phenomena are ongoing, at least one person has committed suicide in the UK over the hum. Whether it is a psychological, geographical, or physical, the problem is real.